Remember being a kid and being so excited over a ball pit. Trey made me a balloon pit in my bathtub and it was the most amazing thing ever. It was full of balloons. I climb in wearing my sexy red lingerie, perfect for this long kinky play time! For a while I play with the balloons. I roll around in them, I cover myself with them, I kick and toss them around. Then I decide it's time to pop them! There's so many balloons, and so many options on how to smash them! So, at first I get kinky and ride some with my pussy back and forth until they pop. Ooh, that always feels great! Then I bounce up and down and pop some with my ass. Then I expose my breasts and I pop them pressing my breasts hard against them. I stomp several of them with my bare feet, and focus a couple with my pointed toes! I even bite a couple, popping them in my face, and leaving a nice little sting. What a great way to have some fun and kinky fetish play all in one! Bath Tub Balloon Pit
Balloon Stuffing Clips