6 girls popping 1. version HD

Clip Time: 3 Minutes Clip Size: 155/mb
6 girls popping 1

Auf der Fetishcon vor 2 Wochen hatten wir die Mglichkeit, direkt am c4s-Stand zu drehen. Insgesamt 6 Models waren dort versammelt and attack a cluster of about 75 12 WalMart-balloons. At the beginning every girl is sitting on the cluster and then the popping-feast starts. There are different methods: the girls sit on the balloons with their hot asses, step them with their highheels or squeeze them with the fingers. After less than 2 minutes the last balloon was popped. There are 2 versions from this clip: in this one the action is showed completely in 2 different perspectives. In the 2. perspective you can see the models better who are acting more in the background.

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