Balloon Bouncing MP4

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 200/mb
Balloon Bouncing MP4

Wearing stockings and red tops, Cherry Spice and I bounce on 36ers while we have some fun. Sliding our fingers down the balloons we enjoy the vibrations that travel across our pussies. Then we get on our stomachs and hump our 36ers. Humping turns into assisted push-ups as we are having lots of fun. Bouncing balloons in the air, we pop them on the way back down. Then we bring out the squiggly balloons and have a squiggly sword fight. Continuing the fun, we decide its time to pop our big balloons. Im not very coordinated and keep bouncing on my balloon and flying off! Finally, after successfully popping our 36ers we decide to do a rapid pop. Collecting all the balloons together we use push pins to rapid pop all the balloons until all thats left is balloon shrapnel and our giggling bodies. POP, SIT2POP and RAPID PIN POP

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