Cali Butt Pops Balloons MP4

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 96/mb
Cali Butt Pops Balloons MP4

**640 HIGH RESOLUTION. MP4 VERSION OF VIDEO**By special request, Cali has on her tight jeans and given 20 balloons to pop. She takes one at a time sitting on top of them in the chair putting her weight down and testing. The first one pops immediately as she flinches, scared at the loud noise it makes. She proceeds with the other balloons bouncing steady seeing the neck bulges out right before they pop. Cali switches the position of the balloons as she pops them with her booty. She occasionally rubs her butt cause it stings. And amazingly, while riding/bouncing on one of the balloons that popped, the neck of the balloon flies into her mouth!!!!!! She laughs out, eyes wide picking the piece and showing it to the camera. Cali overall has a fun time in the video, giggling and occasionally screaming out cause they make her scared.

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