Candle Faces Her Fear of Balloons – Reluctantly

Clip Time: 14 Minutes Clip Size: 554/mb
Candle Faces Her Fear of Balloons - Reluctantly

Dr. Catherine Foxx attempts to start Candle on her first experiment at the Inflation Laboratory, when Candle suddenly becomes extremely nervous. It soon becomes clear that she has one of the worst cases of balloon phobia that Dr. Foxx has encountered in her distinguished career. But Catherine is undaunted in offering to help her new protg overcome her fear. She first provides Candle with a set of personal protective equipment a full face shield, earmuffs, goggles, gloves, and rubber boots. Candle begins to don her gear, and is spurred along as Catherine begins to inflate a balloon. Catherine helps her face her fears one-by-one, first by squeezing a balloon, then by stomping on several, and finally by blowing one by mouth, and then squeezing it. Effective or not, Candle’s "therapy" is hilarious to watch.

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