Cheerleader Haley Blow to Pop

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 62/mb
Cheerleader Haley Blow to Pop

Haley’s been busy, off at school but she’s back and excited to do another balloon blow to pop video just for you! She wants to make it really hot, dressing up as a sexy cheerleader sitting on top of the inflatable fish. Haley proceeds to blow REALLY hard as the red balloon fills with her warm air. She’s curious just how big this one will get since the last couple times and if it will be any louder. Haley tires a bit from the constant blowing but she loves being playful, teasing, showing off her cute uniform. She knows that any moment the balloon will pop right in her face!! Just a matter of when and the anticipation causes her to be slightly nervous but Haley does not stop! The balloon gets larger and larger until it suddenly bursts in her face causing Haley to fall back off her inflatable ride. Reaction is priceless!!!

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