Denise & Claire BTP andmass popping

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 119/mb
Denise & Claire BTP andmass popping

Denise and Claire are in a room literally flooded with balloons of every color and size,aquiver at the prospect of bursting them all with their fingernails to have fun like crazy,but they decide before starting the massacre, to have a blow to pop race with two beautiful figurines.The race is very exciting but Claire is formidable and makes her balloon burst after a very shorttime, even though Denise is also very fast and finishes just a few seconds later. After this exciting raceriscaldamneto the two sexy girls can finally give in to their instincts and begin to burstall the balloons with their nails and by squeezing them, admire beautiful barrels in rapid succession and lots of laughtercharacterize the 5 minutes it takes the two girls to leave no survivorsDIVX 1280×720 HQ

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