DiazJ Babes with Balloons Ref. 00016

Clip Time: 2 Minutes Clip Size: 50/mb
DiazJ Babes with Balloons Ref

MP4 720p. The hot English model DiazJ has come prepared for a balloon shoot. She has a nice aqua blue top that may reveal a bit of boob; she has her favourite red vinyl gloves; she’s put her hair in bunches; and she’s prepared her makeup. The photographer has inflated some balloons and has promised her a pump to pop shoot with a naughty rabbit balloon if she’s good. But for now, she must earn her chance by pretending to like balloons and by playing nicely with a nice blue one. Unfortunately, Diaz isn’t a good actress and her dislike of the balloon is clear from the look on her face. As with all our clips, the video is edited by us from a longer video to remove fillers and to prevent fans from having to search for the best bits. This clip is a pre-cursor to later pump to pop and blow to pop shotos where Diaz’s dislike for the balloons became very obvious indeed. If she wasn’t do damned sexy, we’d lodge a formal complaint. As it is, we’ll just admire her instead.

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