Haley 4th of July Mylar Balloons

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 71/mb
Haley 4th of July Mylar Balloons

Haley looks hot in her stars bikini as she gets ready for some 4th of July fun. She spends the first few minutes inflating a few mylar balloons up on video using a straw as they fill up nice and tight. Haley lets you know which one is her favorite as she proceeds to model and have fun with the inflatable balloons. When she gets done inflating the remaining mylars she proceeds to sit pop several of them then foot pops another and even tries to squeeze a balloon with her arms. She finds that very difficult as you see the strain in her face. Haley definitely loves to tease as she wiggles and touches her booty on camera. She eventually pops all the mylar balloons but definitely enjoys being playful and taking her time.

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