HD 500 Balloons Drop Full Clip – mpg

Clip Time: 27 Minutes Clip Size: 380/mb
HD 500 Balloons Drop Full Clip - mpg

Custom Request~ PART 1: Galas has 500 balloons in her bedroom… 100 inflated on the floor & 400 in a balloon drop net above her bed. She gives her guy a blow job in all of these balloons then he pulls the cord & 400 more balloons fall from the ceiling! Galas keeps sucking his cock amongst all of these balloons & then he cums all over her tits. PART 2: Galas rapidly pops all of these balloons & she stomps so hard on them that she breaks her sexy high heels! It is okay though because she has another pair of even higher stiletto heels, so that she can continue popping them all. She also pops some with her finger nails.

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