Hooters Girl Balloon Grind & Pop 1280X720 mov

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 293/mb
Hooters Girl Balloon Grind & Pop 1280X720 mov

New Hooter’s employee Ashley Sinclair gets accused of having a balloon fetish by her boss when he catches her in the VIP room playing with the party balloons. Of course, being the dense hooter’s girl… she has no clue what that means, but she DOES love playing with the balloons. Her boss admits he has a balloon fetish, and promises to not fire her for goofing off if she grinds and plays with the balloons a little bit. He explains what the fetish is about and mentions that it is customary for guys to jerk off while they watch hot girls play with and pop balloons. Ashley, being intrigued by it all wants to know more and says "Go ahead and jerk off then". Watch her grind and play with them and then finally pop them all with her tight ass and long fingernails before being told to clean up the mess and get back to work.

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