housekeeper mass popping balloons

Clip Time: 26 Minutes Clip Size: 725/mb
housekeeper mass popping balloons

Dany is an hot housekeeper who works for a rich family, today her employer has asked them to prepare a good dinner with italian freah food and to decorate the room, to celebrate a good buisness with some guests. Dany when the food is ready starts to fill the room with several balloons, she thinks that celebrate an event with some bangs is the best way and lot of coloured balloons are the best decoration. When she is near to be ready and after some accidental booms, a telephone call from her employer, stops her work, the dinner is callencelled and noone at home this evening. Dany is very disappointed and frustated after lot of work, coocking and inflating balloons, so she ask herself what’s the best thing to do to relieve the stress and to elevate her humor… of course the answer is… boom boom boom and again boom.. boom..Divx 1280x720HQ English subtitles 20 Minutes long

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