Long Weekend: Sun and Moon Mellyloon Hot

Clip Time: 2 Minutes Clip Size: 116/mb
Long Weekend: Sun and Moon Mellyloon Hot

The Fifth Scene of that incredible evening at the Sun and Moon Party shows the two hotties Anna and Sarah with their most favourite balloons: The Mexican 16 to 18 inch with the Mellyloon print on it. The girls chose two red ones and start a BLOW TO POP CONTEST in a small niche while dancing :). They are so fast! This time, the neck which Sarah’s balloon gets is to emphasize. Size is the right idea: so huge balloons, nice and firm. Perfectly fitting into the clubs. The people around are staring at them and has again a lot of fun watching the real amateur BALLOON RACE. You can hear them during the clip. Anna poses this time and makes a little show for the crowd… This includes touching Sarah and showing her tongue in a distinct action… :) Enjoy

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