Rhiannon is Locked Out – Role Playing

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 306/mb
Rhiannon is Locked Out - Role Playing

You get a knock on your door and it’s your new neighbor Rhiannon and she has accidentally locked herself out of her apartment. She asks to use your phone and you let her in. Then she spies the balloons you were playing with before she interrupted you. Rhiannon walks over to them and begins to play with them as she asks you why you have a bunch of helium balloons in your apartment. She gets a little too rough and pops one. You get a little upset and ask her to be gentle and to please not pop any more. She thinks it’s funny you don’t want her to pop your balloons and so she keeps right on playing roughly with them and pinching them hard until she pops another one. You are nervous because she is having way too much fun popping your balloons. Does the landlord arrive in time to save any of your balloons or does the beautiful Rhiannon pop them all?

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