Sitting and B2P Balloons in a Gold Dress High Def

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 1000/mb
Sitting and B2P Balloons in a Gold Dress High Def

I blow up three big punch balloons in a barely-there lacy gold dress! My dress is so see-though you can see my pink nipples peeking through and the hem pulls up exposing my big bouncy ass and curvy legs. As I blow up my balloons, I squirm and splay out on my bed, spreading out my legs and showing off! My first two balloons pop as I blow them up, with just a little time to play with them first. I make sure I stop blowing up the last one in time to sit on it and push the squeaky latex up against my pussy and ass until it finally explodes! NOTE: I’m very happy with the clarity and brightness of this video quality but the file size is very large! Enjoy

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