Trish & Tabby Blow to Pop

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 55/mb
Trish & Tabby Blow to Pop

Trish and Tabby decide to do a balloon blow to pop video together. Trish introduces her friend as both of them plan to race to see who can pop their balloon first! Trish takes pride in knowing she’s the one with experience but Tabby being a newcomer wants to prove her friend wrong!! They start out blowing hard as it seems Trish takes the lead, filling her balloon up fast. That’s when it gets interesting as the two start to distract the other by tickling or whatever means. Trish loses grip of hers as the balloon goes whizzing across the room. Tabby tries to take advantage thinking she’s home free but Trish comes on strong. Unfortunately her balloon pops unexpectingly. The video continues with a solo performance of Tabby doing a blow to pop with her balloon! Watch to see her reaction

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